President/sports commentator Donald Trump trash tweets LeBron James, likes Mike

President/sports commentator Donald Trump trash tweets LeBron James, likes Mike

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Other than occasionally attending Knicks games prior to assuming the Oval Office, Donald Trump hadn’t had much of a presence in the world of basketball, especially in comparison to his favored sports of golf, football and baseball.

President/sports commentator Donald Trump tweets about NBA star LeBron James

But then came a late night tweet in which Trump took aim at the best basketball player on the planet…


Trump took to his favorite platform to cast aspersions at the intelligence of CNN anchor Don Lemon and NBA star LeBron James a couple days after the above interview aired in which both parties lamented the President’s divisiveness.

The last line of Trump’s tweet — I like Mike — also suggested his alignment with frequent James detractor Skip Bayless in opting for Michael Jordan over James in the GOAT debate. MJ and a slew of other sports stars weren’t having any of it.


During a week in which James celebrated the opening of a public school he helped fund for at-risk children, NBA stars came to his defense in droves.


NFL players — both present and past — who have been a frequent target of Trump’s derision, similarly expressed their distaste for his attack on The King.


Even First Lady Melania Trump felt the need to express her support for LeBron after her husband’s attack, while former First Lady Hillary Clinton also lauded James’ community service…

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