Sports stars on sandwiches is back with James Harden on a grilled cheese

Sports stars on sandwiches is back with James Harden on a grilled cheese

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Sandwiches have fueled at-home sports spectating since the advent of the television, and the language used by sports commentators subconsciously feeds the hunger. In football, a wide receiver is sandwiched between defenders; in basketball, when a starter sits, a sub comes off the bench; in baseball, the hitter of a walk-off home run is hailed as a hero.

Los Angeles based artist Jeff McCarthy has taken the marriage of snacking and sports to the next logical step by producing watercolors of sports stars (and other celebs) perched on sandwiches. An earlier menu of McCarthy’s creations featured Michael Phelps on double-decker fried egg and cheese. This time the food fest begins with Houston Rockets star James Harden standing atop a grilled cheese.

Time to hit the fridge…


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@jharden13 on a grilled cheese

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NBA MVP and scoring machine James Harden on a grilled cheese. Watch out for beard hair…


Bill Belichick on a prime rib and horseradish sandwich. Hope you’re just as excited as you look.


Halfpipe snowboarder Chloe Kim on a David Chang churro and Oreo ice cream sandwich.


Cristiano Ronaldo on a francesinha with ham, linguica, sausage, and covered with melted cheese and sauce.


Actor and former NFLer Terry Crews on a mac n cheese grilled cheese.


Figure skater Adam Rippon on a In-N-Out Burger double-double.


Skateboarder (and sometimes rapper) Lil Wayne on a ham and cheddar panini.

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