Tattoo Tuesday: Check out the best Bulls fans’ ink from Chicago and beyond

Tattoo Tuesday: Check out the best Bulls fans’ ink from Chicago and beyond

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In our #TattooTuesday series we scour fandom to highlight the most-impressive tattoos celebrating a particular team from one of the big-five sports — basketball, baseball, football, hockey and soccer.

Tattoo Tuesday highlights best fan ink from the sports world

Few acts show one’s commitment to a particular sports team as getting a tattoo of their logo or one of the franchise’s star players. This week we head to the Lake Michigan’s western shore to look at the best-of-the-best Bulls fans’ ink from Chicago and beyond.


In the above video, popular YouTube gamer Kentrell Beechamm, who goes by the moniker King of the Fourth Quarter (KOT4Q) travels to Indiana to get the Bulls logo tattooed on his calf. What follows are some of best Lakers-themed tattoos proving each recipient’s diehard allegiance to the Windy City’s NBA franchise.


Victor Perez of Dark Metal Tattoos inked this masterpiece of the Bulls logo with steam streaming from its nostrils.


Anyone dedicating their entire back to a sports tattoo — like this fan with a life-size Michael Jordan jersey — are unlikely to ever change their allegiance.


Is it a Bull or the GOAT? This photorealistic tattoo of Michael Jordan celebrating the first of two three-peats, was brilliantly executed by Angelina Mengel in Solingen, Germany.

Another Bulls fan opted for an ultra realistic rendition of a Crying Jordan clutching the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy.


The tattoo pictured above of the Bulls logo wearing the Chicago flag bandit style, was designed in 2017. The original City of Chicago flag, designed by Wallace Rice, was adopted one hundred years earlier after Rice won a design competition. The historic events represented by the flag’s four stars are Fort Dearborn, the Great Chicago Fire, the World’s Columbian Exposition, and the Century of Progress Exposition.


This tattoo has a little bit of everything — a cyborg version of the Bulls’ logo inscribed on a highly detailed map of Illinois complete with the Chicago skyline.


We close on a cute note, with a tattoo of a stuffed toy dedecked with a Bulls cap and headphones. We can only surmise the teddy bear is listening to Chance the Rapper, Twista, or any one of the many other hip hop stars that hail from Chicago.

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