In 2018, Ross Edgley became the first swimmer ever to circumnavigate Great Britain

In 2018, Ross Edgley became the first swimmer ever to circumnavigate Great Britain

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We pick up as Edgley finding his rhythm among many physical challenges…


An unexpected encounter of a military kind greeted Edgley this week as he continued to battle waves and jellyfish along the South Coast of England.

With his injuries behind him and Rhino Neck secured as a nickname, Edgley and the crew had themselves a bit of fun out in the English waters. It begs the question – how many people do you know who’ve raced against a Navy boat?


Rocks, waves and gusty winds greeted Edgley as he approached what could be the toughest part of the swim. With only Land’s End standing in the way of him completing the South Coast leg, the team made their final preparations.

Edgley was joined by kitesurfing champion Tom Bridge and Andrew Cotton, one of the world’s most respected professional big wave surfers. When asked about undergoing the Great British Swim himself, Cotton said he’d rather take a 100-foot wave to the head. Good luck Ross!


Having battled the waves to round Land’s End, it was decision time for Edgley and the crew. Which way next? Would they go across to Wales for a shorter, but potentially more turbulent swim, or take the (much) longer but potentially more sheltered swim up the Irish coast?

Ross took time out from swimming to answer some questions posed by viewers. Will this challenge extend the 100 days length? How are his injuries holding up? If you have a burning question for #RhinoNeck, post it in the comments section of his videos.


After more than thousand kilometers of swimming, Edgley’s shoulders started to make some weird noises. He and the team were worried that without treatment it might impact his chances of finishing the Great British Swim.

The team called on the help of top sports physio Jeff Ross to see if he could work his magic and get Edgley swimming at his best again.

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