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Anyone who has ever attended a pilates class can attest to how devilishly hard it can be to hold the plank position for one minute, let alone four. For Dana Glowacka, however, it takes four hours before things get interesting…


Performing in a Montreal venue that looked eerily reminiscent of a funeral parlor, Glowacka set about breaking the world record for Longest Time in an Abdominal Plank Position (Female), or what others might call Abdominal Armageddon.

Somehow, the longtime fitness & yoga enthusiast managed to keep an easy smile on her face even as the timer moved from minutes to hours.

With friends and family urging her on, Glowacka managed a mind-numbing, stomach-churning time of 4 hours 19 min and 55 sec. The longest time in an abdominal plank position by a male is 8 hours 1 minute and was achieved by China’s Mao Weidong in 2016.


The plank is an isometric abdominal exercise that strengthens all the abdominal muscles including those that help stabilize the spine.

If you want to set your own personal best time in the plank, or even chase down Glowacka’s record, be sure to keep proper form as described in the above video.