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A few years ago, Lincoln, then a second-grader, and his father, Dan Markham, cut a golf ball in half for their nascent YouTube series What’s Inside?. For that original video, Markham sawed through a Titleist Pro V1 — which was already five years old at the time — so for their new investigation they decided to try splitting open some more recent ball designs.

What's inside a golf ball?

Markham took a meat cleaver to a Bridgestone Tour B330-S, then an axe to a new Titleist Pro V1 (which had a greenish-blue core, instead of pink), Titleist Pro V1x, Nike RZN Tour Black, Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball and finally a couple of old-school, corn-syrup-and-saltwater-squirting Titleist Tour Balata 100s.

Nike RZN Tour Black cutaway view

Lincoln chose the multi-colored interior of the Nike RZN Tour Black as his favorite design. Aside from looking like a cutaway of an alien planet, the ball sports exactly 13,556 more dimples than supermodel Miranda Kerr.


Not content to limit their study to professional golf balls, Markham and his son turned their attention to dissecting a pair of novelty balls, starting with the exploding variety…

… and following up with a weighted, meandering ball which makes fart sounds when struck.


Sometimes chopping, splitting and cutting balls open just doesn’t cut it, so one needs to crush one with a good old-fashioned hydraulic press.