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Making a full-court basketball shot is tough enough (just ask Kevin Love), so making one from more than four times that distance should be near impossible.

The crew at How Ridiculous specializes in the impossible, so they secured permission to set up a basketball hoop at the bottom of Gordon Dam in Tasmania. A gloved shooter lofted the ball from the top of the dam and when it rattled through the rim 415-feet (126.5m) away, he had himself a new world record.

If a shot from 23 feet 9 inches is worth three points in the NBA, should a 415-footer be worth 52 points?


If one over inflates the basketball and drops it from the same height, the result at impact is explosive.


The previous world-record, greatest-height basketball shot also belonged to the How Ridiculous team. In 2013, they ascended the Euromast in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, for a 293-feet attempt.

It only took Kyle sixty-two shots before putting the ball through the hoop. No one on top of the tower knew the shot went in until they received confirmation via radio from the ground.


The Aussie foursome have their eyes set on Dubai to break their own record. The Burj Al Arab helicopter pad (where Roger Federer and Andre Agassi played tennis) or Burj Khalifa at 2,717 feet tall (829.8m) have been identified as possible launch sites.