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Australian YouTubers How Ridiculous have a penchant for dropping all manner of things on top of other things and recording the results in slow motion. One of their most popular videos begins with some heavy metal…


Inspired by the Road Runner cartoon, wherein Wile E. Coyote routinely attempted to flatten his nemesis with an anvil, the How Ridiculous crew lugged a 20-kg (44 lb) anvil up a 45-meter tower to repeatedly drop it on a large block of frozen ice.

After the first few drops either missed the block of ice altogether, or clipped its corners, the anvil finally hit dead center making for instant snow in sunny Perth, Australia. Interestingly, the first drop, which went straight into the sand, temporarily created the image of a dog’s face in the spray pattern (look for it in the above video).


Following the excitement of the anvil vs ice block contest, the boys decided to produce a couple more drop videos pitting large watermelons and an even larger block of ice vs a trampoline. Incredibly, the 10 kg melons, 28 kg ice block and trampoline all survived their dramatic, gravity-fueled meetings.