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Four-time Professional Bowlers Association Player of the Year Jason Belmonte is known on the PBA Tour for his unconventional two-handed shovel shot which has earned him 18 titles, but he is even more-widely known for his trick-shot skills thanks to Dude Perfect.


Four years after their original collaboration went viral, Belmonte and Dude Perfect have served up another helping of bowling trick shots. The fun gets underway with a terrifying Twin Trust Shot in which Belmonte threads the ball between Dude Perfect twins Coby and Cory Cotton who are arrayed belly-down on the sides of the lane.

Jason Belmonte plays bowling version of Connect 4 with Dude Perfect

In later action, Belmonte had the winning ball in a game of giant game of Connect 4 played with bowling balls.

Jason Belmonte bowls a 120-pin perfect game with just one ball

And in the video’s piece de resistance, Belmonte bowled a 120-pin perfect game with a single ball.


Belmonte is no stranger to perfect games of the more traditional variety, having racked up twenty-one of the 300-point gems in PBA Tour events — like the one above which came in the PBA World Series.