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For folks dabbling in distance running, 5-kilometer “fun runs” serve as a mini marathon of sorts, but try to imagine an amateur athlete running 20 times that distance every single day for 100 days in a row.


''What we're calling that little miss of 36 kilometers is a faith challenge, which any other runner — current or future — could come an perfect that mark.''

— Vikram Bhatti, on Singh's attempt at 10,000 km

In 2017, India’s Samir Singh brought Forrest Gump to life after he ran for 9964 kilometers in just 100 days. His tally fell just 36 kilometers short of completing the mammoth challenge of 10,000 km he had presented to himself. Samir’s feat was documented by filmmaker siblings Vandana and Vikram Bhatti — both runners themselves — who gave him the moniker “Faith Runner” owing to his devotion to Krishna.

Singh, a vegetarian from the mega-metropolis Mumbai, ran every day, rain or shine, with no support crew, dietician or physical therapist.


In 2018, Singh again hit the road in his running shoes. Starting in Mumbai, the 30-something runner ran to India’s southern-most point at Kanyakumari, continued north to Kolkata, visited all the states of north-east, and the Nepal border, then from the Himalayas reached Jammu via Srinagar.

He finished his 13,750-km run at the Attari-Wagah border in the Panjab having ran his way through 22 of India’s 29 states.