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The kibosh was put on Wimbledon for 2020, nevertheless one of its feathered inmates will be hard at work. Rufus is an instrumental member of Wimbledon’s grounds crew, or, more accurately, an aerial-crew-of-one tasked with patrolling the skies for unwanted pigeons. A ten-year-old woodland hawk, Rufus tirelessly plies his trade from 5am to 9pm.


Rufus is under the care of falconer Imogen Davis, who has kept a watchful eye on the one-pound, six-ounce raptor ever since he was poached from his perch in 2012.

''The press attention must have frightened the thief because Rufus was returned on Sunday, but it was the worst weekend imaginable and I don't let him out of my sight now.''

— Imogen Davis, Rufus the Hawk's caretaker


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With a slick videos and increasing press coverage, Rufus has seen his celebrity grow. Two-time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray — who sat out the past two tournaments while recovering from hip surgery — made it a point to drop in on Rufus for a photo op a couple years ago.

While Rufus is mostly mum, other than the occasional feather-ruffling shriek, you can still ask him questions on Twitter @RufusTheHawk.