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Tonight Show Games with Jimmy Fallon

While his late-night talk show peers often pontificate on politics (see Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert), Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has has always preferred playing frivolous games… like Drop It In, Random Object Target Practice, and Catchphrase…


In 2016, Bryce Harper — when he was still with the Washington Nationals — teamed up with Fallon to take on Andy Samberg and model Gigi Hadid for an intense game of Catchword with dubious adherence to the rules. Notably Harper counted Fallon’s answers of “marshmallows” and “beaver” for phrases “s’mores” and “eager beaver”.

Harper provided the most comical of the clues when he betrayed a lifetime of earning hardware from his diamond exploits. For “bubble wrap” the 2015 NL MVP winner said, “It’s what you wrap your trophies with.”


Next we flash forward to February of 2019, when Fallon teamed up with Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski to compete with Liam Hemsworth and Jessica Williams in another game of Catchphrase. Gronk was completely baffled by the word “didgeridoo” until Hemsworth, an Australian, coached him with a series of clues to give.