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Unless you belong to a gymnastics club you’ve probably never had the pleasure of diving into a genuine foam pit. YouTuber Brian Awadis (aka FaZe Rug) did the leotard-clad crowd one better, by transforming his parents’ San Diego living room into one humongous homemade foam pit.

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After taking delivery of 500 foam cubes, Awadis piled them in the center of the living room, then took to jumping from an upstairs railing into the multi-colored rubble. The 20-year-old’s enthusiasm led to a sprained foot, which resulted in lots more foam-cube ideas to explore upon recovery.


Like any genuine child-at-heart would, Awadis recognized the opportunity to build a foam-cube fort. With his father serving as chief engineer, build they did — an entire room inside their living room.


Next up, the pair was inspired to construct a stairs to the second-level. Naturally, Minecraft-style building is more effective in the video-game realm than real life, and the stairs crumbled upon Awadis’ summiting attempt.


In another video, Awadis collaborated with his father (aka Papa Rug) in replacing the living-room furniture with foam-cube creations. No more accidentally smashing one’s toe on a couch leg.


Awadis’ foam-cube castle building project went wrong, not once, not twice, but three times.


Bosley, Awadis’ pet dog, wanted nothing to do with the foam-pit maze that was made for him in the street. Ignoring the treats proffered by his owner, the pudgy pug jumped out of the colorful labyrinth at his first available opportunity and retreated to the garage.