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Rayssa Leal, a 7-year-old skater from Brazil, recently caught the attention of Tony Hawk when he came across a video of her executing a heelflip while dressed like a teal-hued fairy princess. As impressive as it is that Rayssa landed the trick, it’s even more impressive how she pops right back up after her failed attempts.


Rayssa is already well on her way to becoming the next big thing from a country that has produced professional skateboarding girls like Eliana Sosco and Leticia Bufoni. Her videos demonstrate a level of competence that one might expect of a skater twice her age.

Aside from a dedicated YouTube channel, the media-saavy prodigy already has her own web page, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Estamos voltando pra casa, que Deus abençoe nossa viagem, nos guarde e nos proteja -'

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Rayssa recently took first place in the Street Skate Mirim 2015 competition in Blumenau, Brazil, and posed proudly with her new hardware.