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Almost a year after appearing on the Steve Harvey show, then eight-year-old Sky Brown and her four-year-old brother Ocean were invited to show off their skateboarding skills on Little Big Shots Australia. The precocious Japanese skaters wowed the audience with their repertoire of tricks on a mini ramp.

8-year-old Sky and her 4-year-old brother Ocean skateboard on 'Little Big Shots'

Both siblings executed flawless runs with host Shane Jacobson looking on whilst entirely gobsmacked.


The Brown kids are no strangers to being the center of attention. In 2016, Sky became the youngest girl ever to skate in a Vans Women’s Pro Tour when she competed at Huntington Beach in California. She left announcers Neal Hendrix and Chris Pastras thoroughly impressed.


Sky and Ocean’s skating exploits first went viral by way of their Instagram account which is rapidly approaching 80 thousand followers.

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While skating may be the siblings’ claim to fame, they also…

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…are schooled in the martial arts…

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…ride BMX…

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…and surf…

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…all of which has led to them having the opportunity to rub shoulders with some interesting folk — like Sky’s meeting with the stubble-cheeked character pictured above (better known as Kelly Slater).