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Other than being a highly-paid bench warmer in the NFL, MLB or NBA, there is probably no cushier sports-related job than being part of the Dude Perfect crew. Their most recent video offering has them executing a wide variety of trick shots using specially branded Nerf balls.

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The highlight of Dude Perfect’s latest video is watching their tricks on a monster-sized Nerf basketball hoop. Unfortunately, the jumbo hoop and ball don’t seem to be commercially available.


It’s no surprise that Nerf chose to partner with Dude Perfect on their new toy line, as their first partnership two and one half years ago resulted in a video that’s now approaching 50 million views.


Aside from having a YouTube channel with 9 million subscribers and their own branded Nerf products, Dude Perfect has its own iPhone game and an upcoming series on CMT. Getting paid to play has kept the quintet of buddies young at heart more than seven years after their first video was posted.