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When one thinks of breaking the rim off of the backboard, it is usually the result of a ferocious dunk by the likes of Shaquille O’Neal or Darryl Dawkins, not the result of a ball tossed by a high school girl…


In 2015, at a Pennsylvania girls basketball playoff game, Mercer Mustangs player Kelsey Swartz accomplished the backboard-breaking feat with nothing more than a high-arching free throw.

From the way the rim snapped, you would think Swartz had heaved up bowling ball painted to look like a basketball. Whatever the cause of the broken backboard, it’s fortunate for those gathered that the mishap occurred with everyone arrayed outside the broken-glass drop zone.


Basketball is not normally considered a dangerous sport, especially when compared to football or hockey, but when the hoop apparatus is deficient the result can be downright scary.