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Games based on the alphabet are almost as old as the ABCs itself, but who knew you could make it all the way from A (for aerial) to Z (for zero-handed forward roll) with gymnastics skills?


For her ABC gymnastics challenge, YouTuber and one-time Level 10 gymnast Rebecca Zamolo dusted off her leotard to try her luck at back flips, splits, cheerleading moves, and trampoline skills.

Rebecca Zamolo takes ABC gymnastics challenge

Zamolo, who once was a professional cheerleader for the San Jose Sabercats, put her acrobatic acumen on display while enthusiastically tumbling her way through the entire alphabet.


Earlier in the year, Zamalo took another walk (kip and flip) down memory lane while producing a “then vs now” video in the same vein as YouTube offerings from other former-gymnasts.