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According to Forbes, Steve Williams, Chad Reynolds, and Jim MacKay are among the wealthiest caddies on the PGA Tour. But they are all paupers compared to the billion-dollar caddy who will be working the links for his son at the U.S. Open.

Scott McNealy is the billionaire co-founder and former CEO of Sun Microsystems. He also happens to be the father of Maverick McNealy, the talented All-Pac-12 freshman golfer at Stanford who qualified to play at Pinehurst.

The elder McNealy knows a thing or two about golf, as he played at Harvard and later was named Golf Digest’s best CEO golfer. While having no problem with routinely appearing on national TV in the role of corporate chieftain, the proud pappy has admitted to being a nervous wreck when caddying for his son. If Maverick is able to make the cut heading into the weekend, the pair could be spending a very interesting Father’s Day together.