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Logan Broadbent may hail from Canton, Ohio — home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame — but his fame has come from three sports away from the gridiron. The two-time American Ninja Warrior competitor, is also a member of the US Triathlon Team and the number one ranked boomerang thrower in the country.


Broadbent flew down to Frisco, Texas (on a round trip ticket we presume) to partner with Dude Perfect on a boomerang trick-shot video that is sure to make heads turn.

Logan Broadbent partners with Dude Perfect on epic boomerang trick-shots

Among the many incredible shots executed by Broadbent was one he called Around the World. Starting underneath the hoop on a regulation basketball court, he threw the boomerang along the baseline before it perfectly circumnavigated the entire three-point line and flew through the basket.


What does it take to become a world champion boomerang thrower? Broadbent made an instructional video explaining competition events Fast Catch, Trick Shots, Accuracy, Australian Round, Endurance and Maximum Time Aloft.