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Imagine a football player with Michael Jackson’s dance moves, Paul Bunyan’s tree-felling strength, and Bruce Lee’s martial arts aptitude. That’s the diverse range of skills the Detroit Lions are getting in their sixth-round draft pick Anthony Zettel.

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Zettel, who was a standout defensive tackle at Penn State, has starred in a number of popular video clips which feature his antics away from the football field.


As a freshman for the Nittany Lions, Zettel kicked off his film career with a solo dance performance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Shot in a dormitory hallway, the video was part of an assignment for an English class which together with a 3-page paper earned him an A.

''Originally I had two other buddies in the video and finally it was like two in the morning and we were like screw this, I'm going to do it myself.''

— Anthony Zettel, on his dance video


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Paul Bunyan, the giant lumberjack of American lore, has nothing on the real-life woodsman from West Branch, Michigan. Zettel was out gathering firewood with a friend, when he took a dead tree down with a picture-perfect shoulder tackle. Axes? We don’t need no stinkin’ axes…


Zettel takes MMA seriously, even if his occasional spinning-kick demos can be lighthearted. The fun-loving 6-foot-4 284-pounder sent a water bottle flying in the Nittany Lions locker room, which nearly nailed a teammate smack in the noggin.