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Under the pretense of hitching a ride to San Francisco for Super Bowl 50, Coldplay lead vocalist Chris Martin partook in some excellent karaoke with driver, and Late Late Show host, James Corden. Aside from heading for the wrong city (the big game is in Santa Clara, not Frisco), Martin displayed an alarming lack of knowledge about the event for which his band is providing the halftime entertainment.

''The pitcher he has to tee off and (the ball) lands wherever it might land. And then it's fifteen-love. If he gets it in the basket, it's nine points to the other team. At the end of it they hand out bowls, and some of them are really super.''

— Chris Martin, explaining the Super Bowl

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Before Katy Perry’s halftime show at last year’s Super Bowl, Clevver Music ranked the top eight shows in the event’s history.

The acts cited in their countdown are; 8) New Kids on the Block, 7) Black Eyed Peas with Usher, 6) Bruno Mars with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, 5) Justin Timberlake with Janet Jackson, 4) Beyonce, 3) Madonna, 2) Michael Jackson, and 1) ‘N Sync with Britney Spears, Aerosmith, Nelly and Mary J. Blige.

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For this year’s extravaganza, Coldplay will be joined on stage by Beyonce (and perhaps Bruno Mars). It won’t come as a surprise if they were to reprise their recently released collaboration on “Hymn for the Weekend” — the video has racked up 26 million views since being released less than a week ago.

If they do a good job, Coldplay and friends may just go home with some super bowls, and score nine points by getting added to Clevver Music’s update to the best Super Bowl halftime acts.