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AGT magician Michael John played baseball growing up

Michael John had some pretty serious baseball skills growing up, but his heart was set on becoming a more-traditional type of magician than Ozzie “The Wizard” Smith. Still pursuing his childhood dream, John auditioned last week on America’s Got Talent.


John called judge Mel B on stage to assist in a card trick. The former Spice Girl watched with intrigue as John feigned moving in for a kiss, then — without making contact — managed to swap the cards held in their mouths.

For his follow up trick, John had Mel B recall who she shared her first kiss with. Then, after having her punch him in the chest, pulled his shirt down to reveal the kisser’s initials etched on his chest.

While John’s first trick must have involved some pretty serious sleight of hand (or mouth), his follow-up seems far easier to explain. Certainly in one of Mel B’s bios she has previously betrayed who she shared her first kiss with — which would make John’s chest nothing more than a crude Google.


John’s appearance on AGT was not his first flirtation with fame. He competed last October in The Price Is Right Male Model Search. He impressed judges Mike Richards, Shanna Moakler and Manuela Arbelaez with a mind-reading card trick, but failed to make the cut.

The gig ultimately went to Australian model and actor, James O’Halloran.