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Over the past several years, Gabby Douglas has collected an impressive array of medals, many of them gold, but there is one distinction she lacks — a world record.

On June 23, in Pittsburgh, Douglas and a cast of hundreds, will attempt to set a new world record for simultaneous cartwheels. As can be seen in the above video, Gabby has indeed mastered the cartwheel (and a few dozen other flipping, leaping, twisting, and tumbling skills).

Douglas further enhanced her cartwheeling credentials, when she was invited to judge Bethenny Frankel’s attempt in stiletto heels.

In other cartwheel news, an interesting story has come out of Maricopa County, Arizona that doesn’t involve Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It seems officials there felt it necessary to ban a former Buckeyes cheerleader from doing cartwheels at public hearings. The woman in question, Diane “DD” Barker, happens to be sixty-five-years young and more than willing to demonstrate her tumbling skills to curious onlookers.