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It’s #WorkoutWednesday and there’s no more excuses. Now you can get a full-body workout that can do whenever and wherever you like, and you don’t need any equipment or weights. Fitness model Pamela Reif’s workout targets the muscles from head to toe and is designed to get you sweating quickly…


Reif’s video is presented in full length, which means you can just follow whatever she’s doing for 30-seconds per exercise. There are two one-minute rests — feel free to click pause if you need a longer break — but if you can keep going, skip them to maximize the cardio workout.

Pamela Reif flexes after full-body workout

Reif recommends switching up your workouts to give your muscles enough time to recover. You can do the 20-minute full body workout two or three times a week and then if you want to do be active on the alternate days try her flat-belly and round-booty workout.


This is the workout that Reif performed on stage at the FIBO Convention and proved so popular she made a video out of it. The exercises target the abs & glutes and are perfect for people suffering form pain in there knees as there are no squats or lunges involved.

Pamela Reif naturally illuminated

Stick with both workout regimens and get ready to shine!