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Pete Carroll’s unique approach to coaching has been well documented — in particular, he focuses attention on cultivating optimism, mindfulness and gratitude among his players. While his very un-Mike Ditka-esque style confounds football traditionalists, his success on the field is hard to disparage.


With the furor over Carroll’s goal line call in Super Bowl XLIX beginning to wane, the Seahawks coach sat down with Matt Lauer of The Today Show for an extended interview. As usual, he dispensed wisdom that exceeds the confines of the gridiron. In the video, Lauer’s frustration with Carroll for not being completely distraught over the loss is palpable.

Wisdom of gridiron guru Pete Carroll


In 2008, Carroll, then the head coach of the USC Trojans, was the subject of a 60 Minutes piece. His response to being told of Charlie Wiesz’ assertion that all coaches are miserable, is classic Carroll.

''I keep thinking day to day that something good is about to happen. That mentality, whether I'm in a game or in the midst of the season, I don't know how to think otherwise. And that doesn't take you to misery.”
— Pete Carroll on 60 Minutes