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There are a handful of actors over the years that have been defined as much by their muscular bodies as their thespian chops — see Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vin Diesel. Undoubtedly the most famous of the current buff box-office draws is Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock…


Staying at the top of your game is no small task when you have fellow wrestler-turned-actor John Cena and musclebound Jason Momoa nipping at your heels, so The Rock hits the gym with a singular intensity.

Workout Wednesday

The Rock’s workout hits all the major muscle groups straight on. From straight-leg raises to build up core strength, to pressing 100-lb dumbbells, Johnson produces enough sweat to fill a small wading pool.


When you’re as successful as The Rock, you can afford to have your own workout room that rivals the most elite gyms in the world. His Iron Paradise is stocked wall-to-wall with weights and the muscle-building machines.

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Personal best 460lbs hip/glute thrusts to warm up before hitting legs. Solid gains in strength and coach @daverienzi and I are always managing lower body past injuries – multiple knee surgeries, quad & adductor tears off pelvis, ruptured surgically repaired Achilles, multiple hernia surgical repairs etc etc. Stronger now and carrying more dense muscle then ever before, but the key is really smart, precise, intense training and diet. And doing my best to always listen to my body. And according to NASA, I’m basically bionic from the waist down. Which always leads to inappropriate jokes whilst I drink my tequila 😉 We trained very hard today. #TodayWasAGoodDay #LegDay #BionicStuff #IronParadise 💪🏾🌴

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