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In 2007, Robert Glover weighed 367 pounds, had high blood pressure, was borderline diabetic, and was getting ready to embark on yet another weight-loss mission.

''I didn't feel good about myself. My self esteem was shot. It was ruining my relationships... it was ruining my life.''

— Robert Glover, on being overweight

Over the next seven years he would go on 20 of these missions, where he would lose some weight only to gain it right back again. But then something changed…


Following a divorce and a felony conviction for robbing a man of his Air Jordans, Glover turned to drinking and was feeling suicidal. He determined to go all in on yet another body transformation journey, figuring that fitness may be the one thing he could control that would positively impact all other areas of his life.

Monday Motivation: Overcoming obstacles to reach new heights

Glover, who goes by the nickname Brix, turned his entire focus to fitness. This time, instead of letting weight fluctuations throw him off his program, he redoubled his efforts and the commitment paid off — he ended up dropping 140 lbs while building a chiseled physique.


Glover shares the many tips he learned along the way of transforming his body on social media. His YouTube videos have garnered more than 25 million views, and his Instagram is approaching 100,000 followers.

Using the same approach he had employed to become physically fit, Glover also turned around his finances. One key in particular, was making sure to take some action every single day to make his financial situation better.