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Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 as 3/14 mimics the first three digits of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. This year’s Pi Day is the kind that rolls around only once a century putting another two digit in play (3/14/15 are the first five digits of π).

The resident number crunchers and statistics geeks at the New York Jets recognized a golden (or, at least, green and white) opportunity to spread some Pi Day cheer. They tweeted an array of 21 uniform numbers at 9:26 EST (3/14/15-9:26) to reproduce the first 53 digits of pi.


While it may seem a tad odd for a football team to be celebrating Pi Day, for a scientist it’s like Christmas and Thanksgiving rolled into one. For example, take Neil deGrasse Tyson of Cosmos fame who went ballistic on twitter with pi trivia.


If all this talk about pi has whet your appetite, try sating your hunger by memorizing the first 2422 digits of the endless sequence like 6th grader Benjamin Most.