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Jeremy Lin and his entourage continue to produce parody videos that make it clear the Lakers guard has found the ideal zip code to ply his trade. In the latest installment, Lin is chastised by his homies for not having a chauffeur to drive him to practice, or to dinner, or the toilet sometimes… maybe.

Lin’s mother puts in an impressive cameo, delivering the best line of the comedic sketch. Any forthcoming Lindorsement deal, absolutely must include the family matriarch.

''Oh Jeremy, remember to sleep early, okay? And know the other players are going to go out and do partying, but you should stay in and use the new comforter your auntie got you.”
— Momma Lin, giving Jeremy advice at dinner

The acting bug has clearly bitten the entire Lin clan. Papa Lin had a starring role in an earlier piece on his unorthodox basketball training program.