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It was the Celebrity Jeopardy! equivalent of having a big 4th quarter lead and throwing a meaningless pick six. Aaron Rodgers royally flubbed the finish, but nonetheless outpointed investor Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame and astronaut Mark Kelly.

Harley Davidson founders posing in their signature motorcycle

In his answer to the final jeopardy question, the Green Bay Packers quarterback egregiously misidentified home-state legends William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson (founders of Harley Davidson), for Alwin C. Ernst and Arthur Young (originators behind the accounting behemoth Ernst & Young). Host Alex Trebek was left incredulous by Rodgers’ guess.

Earlier, in a far more playful mood, Trebek paid homage to Rodgers’ signature celebration move, which State Farm successfully co-opted for their discount-double-check campaign.


Rodgers Celebrity Jeopardy! win garnered $50,000 for his charity of choice, Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer. The MACC Fund is just one of several charitable organizations Rodgers has championed during his time in Green Bay.

Aaron Rodgers wins Celebrity Jeopardy!