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Last year, after securing a 3-year deal to broadcast English Premiere League games, NBC promoted their inaugural season with a video starring Jason Sudeikis. In the mockumentary, the famed SNL-alum plays an American football coach by the name of Ted Lasso who goes to England to coach football (soccer) for the Tottenham Hotspur.

''Football in the States is my specialty, but they have a different kind of football over here. There's a lot of small similarities.”
— Coach Lasso, during his stint with the Tottenham Hotspur

In preparation for NBC’s second year of EPL coverage, which begins on August 16th, Sudeikis has reprised his role as Coach Lasso. In the new video, Lasso — no longer with the Hotspurs — brings his clueless enthusiasm to coaching the St. Katherine’s Fighting Owls.