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Though small in stature, Kacy Catanzaro has an outsized heart and determination to match. In Dallas, she became the first female ever to complete an American Ninja Warrior qualifying course, when she conquered the 14-foot warped wall obstacle.

Kacy’s achievement is made all the more impressive when considering numerous Olympians and pro athletes have attempted ANW obstacle courses and come up short. To get some perspective on just how intimidating an obstacle the warped wall is, check out the ANW clip that follows.

Kacy, a former gymnast at Towson University, trains with her boyfriend and legendary freerunner Brent Steffensen. Unfortunately for the couple, the elation of Kacy’s historic achievement was tempered by Brent’s surprising elimination from the competition on the penultimate obstacle. Next up for Kacy — the City Finals on ANW and a likely berth to the national finals in Vegas to make an attempt at the Granddaddy-of-all-Obstacle-Courses Mt. Midoriyama.