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In September of last year, famed Chinese musician Lang Lang paid tribute to LeBron James with a five-second piano piece inspired by a slam dunk. A day after Lang Lang’s video was posted to YouTube, James thanked him for the shout out, and requested to have a piano lesson the next time they got together.

Fast forward to the present day, where James has just embarked on a Nike-sponsored 5-day tour of China. His visit to Beijing afforded the two stars the chance to meet up at a concert hall. Lang Lang didn’t offer much in the way of a piano lesson, but invited James to collaborate on recreating the original slam dunk piece.

After their duet, James spoke to the crowd about his love of basketball and predictably gifted Lang Lang a pair of shoes.

''I am very blessed, and the game of basketball has given me everything and more than I can dream of to my family, myself and my friends.”
— LeBron James, on his love for hoops

Check out the sweet basketball logo on the backdrop: