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Many news correspondents have built reputations through fearlessly reporting from active war zones or disaster areas — think of Edward R. Murrow, Michael Yon, or Anderson Cooper. But others have had no intention of placing themselves in harms way and are injured nonetheless.

The most recent case in point: Australian reporter Mike Amor being struck in the head by an errant skateboard as he filed a live report from a Los Angeles-area park.

''He's a tough Bindago boy, so he's fine. There was no blood apparently... he's all right. He's got a bit of a bump on his head, but he's going to be all right.”
— Sunrise On 7 co-anchor, on Mike Amor's condition

The studio-bound anchors for Sunrise On 7 seem to almost relish Amor’s misfortune, while astutely wondering what became of the skateboard’s rider.