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Steph Curry and Klay Thompson have played their entire careers with the Golden State Warriors where together they have totally rewritten the NBA record books for 3-pointers. Their persistent long-range marksmanship has inspired a next generation of Splash Brothers to rise in the West…


Brothers Who Ball: Valentino and Luka are big Warriors fans

Young Las Vegas brothers, Valentino and Luka, are ardent Warriors fans who idolize the Splash Brothers and are making a literal splash of their own on social media.

The young version of the Splash Brothers perform basketball tricks shots from the roof of their backyard pool house, flinging long-distant shots over the water and through a poolside hoop.


One of the most impressive videos to date features 7-year-old Valentino hitting five long-distant shots in a row followed by an exuberant shriek of joy.


While it’s unlikely that Valentino and Luka’s talents will develop to the degree that they will both one day play for the Warriors…

… for now it’s enough to watch their idols in action whenever the opportunity avails itself.