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It took LaMelo Ball a full-length basketball game to score 92 points, whereas Richard Branning “scored” 90 in just sixty seconds. Outfitted with a GoPro camera, Branning set a new world record with thirty 3-pointers in just one minute.

Richard Branning hits world record 30 3-pointers in 60 seconds

In all, Branning went 30-for-40 during his record-breaking outing, which included a streak of 13 consecutive 3-pointers. As impressive a record as Branning’s is, it makes you wonder how many Steph Curry or Klay Thompson could get. Are 40, or even 50, possible in a minute?


Branning should have considered shooting for an additional minute, as he could have very easily had himself a second record. The world record for 3-pointers in two minutes — set by Song Hejing of China in 2012 — stands at 44. Hejing had only 19 makes at the one minute mark, before finding her groove over the final 60 seconds.


The previous record of twenty-nine 3-pointers in one minute belonged to Werner Nistler, a sharp-shooting guard whose skills helped Portland’s Jesuit Crusaders win a state championship in 2012. Nistler, playing barefoot, also briefly held the record for most backward free throws in one minute.