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All is fair in love and hashtagging. The Twitterverse has moved on from its fascination with #LeBroning and is now focused its collective mockery on the Spurs’ Tony Parker. Welcome to the wacky world of #Parkering. But, first the play from Game 2 of the NBA Finals that started it all…

An elbow from Heat guard Mario Chalmers sent Parker to the floor where he instantly assumed the fetal position. And that, my friends, spells doom in the digital age.

What follows is a select threesome of Parkering poses in order of elevation, from low to high. First, check out the classic thumb-in-mouth Parkering pose on wood flooring.

Next, there is Parkering on the fridge, because… the microwave is too small?

And finally, Parkering on a rooftop somewhere in suburbia.