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Saints quarterback Drew Brees visited with Conan O’Brien this week and the topic of deflategate came up. Conan was curious to know if Brees could tell if a ball was slightly under inflated just through touch. Brees did him one better by unerringly reporting the exact air pressure. His throwing accuracy, however, left something to be desired.

''Throughout the course of a game, a ball will come up and you don't even think about how it feels. You're programmed to go through your read, throw the ball, no excuses.''

— Drew Brees, on deflategate

Interestingly, Brees is able to throw a completely deflated ball with the greatest accuracy. So if one of Tom Brady’s footballs comes out looking like a wrinkled prune during the Super Bowl, you’ll know what’s up.


In other Super Bowl related hype, Conan had Kim Kardashian on his show earlier in the week to debut her ad for the big game. Turns out she has a rather large data stash…