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The Browns who have very publicly been searching for a starting quarterback, may want to consider working out a time-sharing arrangement with the Cavaliers for LeBron James’ services. James — frequently touted as NFL-ready at tight end — demonstrated flawless QB mechanics by calmly sinking a full-court shot during practice at TD Garden.

James seems to have a thing for making dramatic long-range shots in Boston. In his first stint with the Cavs, James hit a three-quarter court shot as time expired in the third quarter during a game against Celtics.


The crazy thing is that James might not be the best quarterbacking candidate for the Browns to pluck from the crosstown Cavs. If they are okay with an unorthodox two-handed release, Kevin Love is definitely their man. With James at receiver, the duo could take the Browns all the way.


The Browns quarterback dilemma was precipitated, in part, when former starter Brian Hoyer signed with the Houston Texans. If he fails to impress down south, the Texans could also raid their respective hoops team for one giant-sized QB. Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard recently demonstrated his submariner delivery at the American Airlines Center.