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Life is good for Riley Curry and little sister Ryan. The daughters of Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry just got their own Bay Area backyard mini-mansion courtesy of TLC’s new series Playhouse Masters.

Steph Curry tries out Riley Curry's ball pit room in new two-story playhouse

AT the playhouse’s unveiling, Steph seemed more anxious than Riley to check out the new pad and take a plunge into the disco-enabled ball pit.


Aside from the ball pit, the two-story Spanish style playhouse includes a horse swing, dog house, and a slide to bring Riley and Ryan’s wildest dreams to life!


As much as Steph enjoyed playing the ball pit, he might want to take a page from Rice University student David Nichol’s book, and turn one of his own rooms into a adult-sized play land. Just don’t invite Draymond Green over…