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Tony Hawk landed in some hot water earlier this year when he took part in a Back to the Future inspired prank to hawk a hoverboard (see the above video). But now the real deal has arrived.

Arx Pax, a California startup, is aiming to crowdfund the Hendo Hoverboard to promote their larger scheme of using electromagnetic field technology to lift buildings into the air during earthquakes. While this might sound like an even bigger hoax than the earlier hoverboard hoopla, it’s actually on the up and up… literally.


The obstacles to enjoying one’s own hovercraft are twofold; first, there is the quoted price of 10,000 dollars, and second there’s the board’s need for a metal surface to levitate.

Until your neighborhood upgrades to copper sidewalks or flux capacitors come online, you might want to stick with the traditional four-wheeled skateboard.