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Bishop Gorman is a private Catholic preparatory school in Las Vegas and currently home to the nation’s top-ranked football team. Cordell Broadus, the team’s 4-star wide receiver, happens to be the son of Snoop Dogg, which explains the school’s new unofficial fight song, “Bishop Gorman Move Them Chains.”

Old timers may recognize the other voice on the track as Flava Flav, who lends his signature “Yeah, Boy!” throughout.

''When I say go, you say Gaels. Go! Gaels! Go! Gaels! Go! Gaels!
When I say yeah, you say boy. Yeah! Boy! Yeah! Boy! Yeah! Boy!”
— Lyrics from Move Them Chains

What exactly is a Gael, you ask? Besides being the school’s mascot, a Gael is someone who speaks Gaelic — or in other words, an Irishman (or woman).


The new song is certainly a refreshing departure from the school’s official fight song, which sounds suspiciously like every other old school fight song ever written.