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First it was 105-year-old sprinter Hidekichi Miyazaki calling out Usain Bolt, then it was 8-year-old fitness trainer Demarjay Smith. Earlier in the week, Bolt appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to accept the Demarjay’s challenge to a foot race and throw down some push ups.

This is the fastest man on Earth @UsainBolt and me losing a push-up contest.

A photo posted by Ellen (@theellenshow) on


Demarjay fist came to Ellen’s attention when she came across his intense fitness training videos starring neighborhood kids and family members.

The Jamaican youngster’s six-pack-slapping persona brings to mind Hans and Franz of Saturday Night Live and State Farm advertising fame.

''You see that? You can smack it and punch it and not hurt him, because him work out and he got the muscle and abs. That's why come on my video and watch everything we do.''

—Demarjay Smith on his friend's six pack


As for Bolt, he told Ellen that he will begin training for the 2016 Olympics on Monday. After Rio, he may compete in one world championship and have a go at acting… stay tuned.