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If you book a ride tonight’s Indians-Red Sox game at Fenway Park you might just get an undercover David Ortiz as your driver (or, stranger still, there’s a chance you could get SNL star Kenan Thompson impersonating Big Papi in disguise). Boston’s famed slugger recently donned dark sunglasses and a curly-haired wig to go incognito for the ride-sharing service Lyft and surprise his Bean Town passengers.

Red Sox legend David Ortiz works as a Lyft driver for a day

Perhaps the best exchange between Ortiz and one of his riders came with a woman who proclaimed to be a big fan of No. 34 and said she owned two of his shirts.

''Actually, all of my shirts are his shirts.''

— David Ortiz, on wearing David Ortiz shirts

Ortiz is the latest in a growing number of athletes, including Richard Sherman, Kris Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, to put in a stint as a Lyft driver for a day.


Lyft isn’t the only app being plugged by Ortiz. Last week, on Saturday Night Live, Keenan Thompson reprised his popular Weekend Update guest slot as Big Papi, where he touted a Yelp-like service called Welp.


Ortiz finished his final regular season campaign with 38 home runs — the fourth most of his twenty-year career. Over the course of the season, he passed Eddie Murray, Gary Sheffield, Mel Ott, Eddie Matthews, Ernie Banks, Ted Williams, Frank Thomas, Willie McCovey, Jimmie Foxx and Mickey Mantle to move into 17th place in career home runs with 541.