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Within a span of forty-eight hours, baseball produced two stellar outfield grabs and a rare glove malfunction in the infield. If the rest of the season continues apace, MLB is going to have to clear disk space on their drives to store all the video highlights.

We start at Fenway Park, where Jackie Bradley Jr. took to the air Superman-style to rob White Sox catcher Tyler Flowers of an extra-bases hit. All Bradley lacks is a red polyester cape, blue tights, yellow belt and a large “J” emblazoned on his chest.

Meanwhile, down in Texas, George Springer, the hard-hitting Astros’ rookie, demonstrated that he too is no fielding slouch. The fleet-footed outfielder caught a ball while literally bouncing off the wall.

Finally, we rewind to Tuesday’s action, where a laser of a line drive burned a hole straight through first baseman Eric Hosmer’s glove. Luckily for the Royals, Omar Infante was there to clean up the mess and throw the runner out as Hosmer’s glove held up the second time around.