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Charles Barkley versus Shaquille O'Neal in March Madness ads

Without exception, March Madness, like the Super Bowl, portends the debut of a number of new sports-themed ads. This year, Capital One and AT&T each introduced episodic March Madness ads cast with celebrities. Capital One’s lineup includes Charles Barkley, Samuel Jackson and Spike Lee. AT&T went with Shaquille O’Neal, Julius Erving, Christian Laettner and Clyde Drexler.


The premise of Capital One’s new ads is that Barkley, Jackson and Lee are making a road trip to the Final Four in Indianapolis. The threesome get off to a rough start when Barkley mistakingly takes them to Annapolis, Maryland instead.

A game of 20 Questions with Barkley is strongly ham-flavored…

…and wishing upon a shooting star reveals his strange desire to be pants-free.

What’s the right way to pronounce Louisville? Watch to find out.

When you’re trying to dodge the paparazzi while traveling, the key is finding the perfect alias.


AT&T has four college basketball legends gathered in a living room ostensibly to catch some NCAA tournament games. Filling in for Barkley in the role of class clown, is O’Neal, who inexplicably has brought along a glass slipper.

Drexler uses the gathering as an opportunity to work on his biceps with an iron bracket.

O’Neal steals Erving’s ad time to show off some dance moves.

And Laettner literally rests on his laurels in a hammock made out of basketball nets.