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Naval officer Dustin McKinney is scheduled to start multi-year stint of sea duty soon, so the 5-foot-2 American Ninja Warrior enthusiast viewed this year’s competition as his last crack at obstacle-racing glory — and he delivered.

McKinney did the Navy proud by becoming the only member of any of the armed service branches to complete last night’s course which was constructed astride the Battleship USS Iowa in San Pedro, California.

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Prior to his run on ANW’s Military Finals, McKinney was spotted fraternizing with the competition.


McKinney, a former Division I wrestler at George Mason University, also turned in a terrific run on ANW last year as a rookie. He sped through the Miami Finals course before slipping at the start of the final obstacle, the Spider Climb.


Fighter pilot Matthew Jensen, representing the U.S. Air Force, recorded the next best run at ANW’s inaugural Military Finals. He heroically ascended the first twenty feet of the Invisible Ladder before succumbing to gravity.


Theatrical Ryan Stratis is one of the few ANW participants to compete in every season of the popular NBC show. Racing last, the former captain in the Army National Guard was only the third contestant to reach the Invisible Ladder, but pumped out at the 15-foot mark.