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Chris Conley is equally at home on either end of a video camera. When he’s not making highlight-reel catches as a wide receiver for the Georgia Bulldogs, he’s pursuing his other passion — movie directing. If you have a half hour to spare, you would be hard pressed to find a more entertaining way to spend it then taking in Conley’s Star Wars fan film, “Retribution”.

''It is a period of Peace and Prosperity. The city of Athens has enjoyed years of Football and Parties under the protection of the Jedi order and Mandolorian Naast Clan.''

— Opening titles in Chris Conley's Star Wars fan film

Dawg fans may spot a few familiar faces in Conley’s short, including coach Mark Richt and running back Todd Gurley. The movie’s climatic battle unfolds on the football field at Sanford Stadium on the Georgia campus.

As one might expect, the Bulldogs’ resident director was the recipient of their media award last year.

Lest you forget, here’s Conley starring in his other role as a stud wide receiver plying his trade in the SEC…