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A digital billboard in San Antonio asserts that Tim Duncan’s loyalty is greater than LeBron James’ royalty. Why someone would pay to advertise this dubious mathematical assertion is probably a more interesting question than the veracity of the statement itself.

The news items the billboard’s message hinges upon are Duncan resigning with the San Antonio Spurs, and James opting out of the final year of his contract with the Miami Heat. The contention that this therefore makes loyalty greater than royalty is a tenuous leap of logic.

Could this be the beginning of a trend in oversized NBA-themed equations?

Does LeBron James plus Carmelo Anthony equal Lakers?

Basketball fans in Southern California would love to see the addition of LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, but it’s unknown if Kobe Bryant would be down with the math.

Nerlens Noel approximately equals Kid from Kid N Play

In light of Nerlens Noel’s fabulous hi-top fade, maybe a Sixers’ backer could take out the above ad paying homage to the Kid half of Kid ‘n’ Play. (Prep-school math refresher: the squiggly equal sign means “approximately equals”.)